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Software Asset Management Market Landscape for Private Equity Firm
4 Week Engagement

A private equity firm needed an expert to help build a market landscape for potential M&A opportunities in the software asset management space.

The expert constructed a database of companies with software asset management products, along with key information about company management and ownership.
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Stefan A.
Stefan, previously an investment banking analyst at Barclays and private equity associate, has deep experience performing in-depth market research for M&A diligence.
Global Beer Market Trends Forecasting for Multinational CPG Company
5 Month Engagement

A multinational CPG company needed a consultant to create a quantitative forecast of beer market growth.

The expert reviewed current analytics models and data, assessed model stability, identified improvements, and recommended how to extend the models to markets with less data.
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Tomasz M. G.
Tomasz, an applied math PhD and co-founder of a data analytics consulting practice, has previously created an AI-based forecasting tool and consolidated several databases to improve forecasting for clients.
Hospital Telemedicine Competitive Analysis for Global Conglomerate
3 Week Engagement

A global conglomerate needed an expert to help them better understand the market dynamics of hospital telemedicine to drive investment decisions.

The expert conducted a vertical analysis of telemedicine providers, identifying strengths and weaknesses in technology, services, and operations in the market.
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Christopher B.
Christoper, a former consultant at L.E.K. Consulting and senior associate at General Catalyst, has experience mapping the telemedicine market and conducting due diligence in the space.
SaaS Channel Pricing Strategy for Building Systems Company
6 Week Engagement

A building management systems company needed an expert to create a tiered subscription pricing model for a new revenue stream.

The expert created pricing hypotheses from stakeholder interviews and market research, developed pricing recommendations, and created a roadmap for implementation.
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Lisa T.
Lisa, a former principal at Deloitte, is the founder of an independent consulting group focused on growth strategies and has extensive experience creating value-based subscription pricing.
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Market Research Expert Spotlight

Kate T.

Competitive Analysis and Market Strategy Expert

Esra K.

Pricing and Monetization Strategy for Technology

Christopher B.

Former VC / PE Investor, L.E.K. Consultant & Tech Operator

Eli D.

Top-tier mgmt consultant 16+ years experience

Natalie P.

Research expert, Stanford MBA
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