Supply Chain Strategy & Transformation

Bring in experts to optimize how you bring products to market and create a resilient and sustainable supply chain.

Strategic Sourcing Manager for PE-Backed Aerospace Company
3 Month Engagement

A PE-backed aerospace company needed a strategic sourcing manager to rapidly execute sourcing processes.

The expert implemented a rigorous strategic sourcing project, negotiated with suppliers, ensured high project velocity, and identified areas for improvement.
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Robert N.
Robert, previously director of global supply chain at several industrial companies, has 20+ years of strategic sourcing and supply chain management experience.
Procurement Analysis for Defense and National Security Project
3 Week Engagement

A firm supporting a defense and national security procurement effort for a government needed an expert to conduct detailed cost and procurement analysis.

The expert captured data about specific procurement projects, created a scoring system to analyze projects, and reported on project management requirements and KPIs.
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Annabel M.
Annabel, previously an associate at McKinsey & Company, has extensive experience in procurement work for defense clients.
Lean Warehousing Improvement for PE-Backed CPG Company
4 Week Engagement

A PE-backed CPG company needed an expert to improve warehousing using lean best practices.

The expert reviewed current processes, physical layouts, and information systems, created comparisons with best practices, and provided recommendations for improvement.
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Steve H.
Steve, an independent consultant with 30+ years of experience in warehousing and distribution, has deep experience in lean process improvement and CPG warehousing operations.
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Supply Chain Strategy & Transformation Expert Spotlight

John F.

Highly accomplished senior strategy and operations executive

Matt W.

Supply Chain Leadership and Expertise

Stacy S.

Ex-Kearney | Supply Chain | Pricing | Profitability

James L.

Supply Chain, Operations, Logistics, Labor & Performance Mgt

Roy S.

Over 15 Years of Process Improvement / Consultant Experience
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