Operations & Process Improvement

From classic instrumentation to Six Sigma and everything in between, improving processes and optimizing for operational efficiencies is crucial for planning and growth.

Lean Implementation for PE-Backed Industrial Manufacturing Company
3 Month Engagement

A PE-backed industrial manufacturing company needed an experienced lean manufacturing expert to lead projects to improve productivity.

The expert assessed current processes, identified areas and metrics to improve, and planned and implemented projects with process owners.
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Kerry K.
Kerry, managing director of an independent firm, has 30+ years of experience in production management and lean improvement.
Operational Excellence Revamp for Consumer Services Company
3 Month Engagement

A consumer services company needed an expert to revamp their operations to make their deployments more data-driven.

The expert analyzed results of the top performers program, created playbooks for key accounts, and drove execution of strategic partnership implementation.
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Tony K.
Anthony, formerly CEO of 3 companies, has deep experience using agile and continuous improvement methodologies and leading Lean Six Sigma and Kaizen projects.
Business Process Mapping for Large Industrial Company
7 Month Engagement

A large industrial company needed an expert to support the implementation of a new transportation management system.

The expert created business process maps for the current state, documented the process for the future state with the new system, identified productivity gains, and assessed potential gains from a new offering.
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Roy J.
Roy, CEO of a small consulting firm, has 20+ years of consulting experience concentrated in manufacturing and operational improvement.
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt for Home Health Care Provider
3 Month Engagement

A growing home health care company needed an expert to refine and document the patient visit process.

The expert used six sigma tools to evaluate current process flow, diagnosed operational issues, and designed future value streams alongside an implementation plan.
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Roy S.
Roy, a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, has 15+ years of process improvement and project management experience.
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Operations & Process Improvement Expert Spotlight

Reagan P.

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with Strategy and Scorecard

Susan C.

Working with People to improve Performance & Profits

Jason C.

Lean Continuous Improvement | Program Management | End-to-End Supply Chain Solutions


McKinsey Consultant-Stanford Engineer-GSB Innovation fellow

James S.

Helping Industrial Businesses accelerate growth
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