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Resilient and sustainable supply chains are more important than ever as enterprises grapple with rapid and tectonic market shifts. Find experts to optimize your critical processes for speed, scale, and future-proofing.

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Scaling Supply Chain in Response to Covid-19
Project Launched in 10 Days

A hypergrowth biotech company needed to 100x production in order to meet demand targets in response to the global Covid-19 pandemic.

The client made headlines across the US for their ability to meet Covid-19 testing needs for various high profile insitutitions.
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Gavin K.
ROX Strategy, a highly-specialized boutique firm focused on healthcare supply chains, deployed 11 specialized consultants to tackle various transformation workstreams.
Optimizing Inventory Levels for a Fortune 500
2 Experts Engaged

A Fortune 500 chemical manufacturer sought to invest in an inventory optimization strategy to better manage storage and distribution costs.

James developed an inventory entitlement model to optimize inventory levels and facilitated deployment to client teams.
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John F.
As part of the effort, the client engaged James, who has 35+ years of experience improving critical process performance.
Shared Services Business Process Standardization
5/5 Star Rating

A Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company embarked on a global service center transformation to improve commercial operations.

Reagan optimized 10 internal services to create internal capacity, allowing for service expansion.
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Reagan P.
Reagan, a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt expert with experience working across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, had experience managing end-to-end process redesigns, including shared services standardization.
Operational Excellence Revamp for Consumer Services Company
3 Month Engagement

A consumer services company needed an expert to revamp their operations to make their deployments more data-driven.

The expert analyzed results of the top performers program, created playbooks for key accounts, and drove execution of strategic partnership implementation.
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Tony K.
Anthony, formerly CEO of 3 companies, had deep experience using agile and continuous improvement methodologies and leading Lean Six Sigma and Kaizen projects.

Operations & Supply Chain Management Expert Spotlight

Andrew S.

PE-Focused Strategy/Operations Consultant

Scott S.

Entrepreneur, Business Leader, Lean Six Sigma Subject Matter Expert

Carl O.

Creative Solutions for Complex Supply Chain Problems

Chuck M.

Supply Chain & Logistics Leader with 30 Yrs. in Fortune 500

Dan W.

Experienced Supply Chain Management Consultant

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