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Recent Success Stories

Competitive Benchmarking for Pharmaceutical Company

Project Launched in 5 Days
A Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company needed an expert to conduct competitive benchmarking analysis for entrance into a new product market.

The expert, a managing partner at a healthcare consulting firm, had extensive industry experience over a long career at healthcare systems and medical device companies.

The expert armed the client with a safety and efficacy analysis of competitors across 10 drugs.

Beverage Industry Subject Matter Expert for VOC Work

5/5 Star Rating
A global leader in industrial filtration services was developing a new process for producing high-quality shelf-stable orange juice and sought a subject matter expert to lead voice of the customer focus groups on quality.

The client selected an expert with deep market research and subject matter expertise in independent consumer assessments, with 12 years' experience in food and sensory science.

The client leveraged the expert's findings to validate the quality of the product and meaningfully accelerate their go-to-market strategy.

Technology Infrastructure Benchmarking for a F100

2 Proposals in 2 Days
A Fortune 100 technology company sought to understand how organizations in select industries decide to transition between private and public clouds, so that the client's Cloud Business Group could better position itself to accelerate growth with their target customers.

The expert, the managing director of a boutique technology strategy firm and a former tech CEO, board chair, and venture investor with over 30+ years of executive level experience, specializes in go-to-market innovation and optimization in the technology and SaaS space.

The expert's assessment of cost, performance, and service capability with data covering cloud market fundamentals, competitive evaluations, and lessons learned informed strategic business decisions about digital services.

Market Research Expert Spotlight

Lauren S.

Market Research Expert & Deloitte Management Consultant

Mark S.

Research and Strategy Expert | Wharton MBA

David K.

Healthcare Market Research + Commercialization + GTM

Kate T.

Competitive Analysis and Market Strategy Expert

Sean O.

Market Research & Private Equity | Fmr. BCG | Wharton

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