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Operations Function Assessment for Security Company
2 Month Engagement

A PE-backed security company needed an expert to assess their operations function design.

The expert assessed the current state of the operations function, identified barriers to productivity, and explored and recommended organization chart alternatives.
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Arend d.
Arend, owner of an independent strategy firm, has 15+ years of experience in growth strategy, operating model analysis, and operational effectiveness.
Compensation Consultant for Professional Services Firm
4 Month Engagement

A PE-backed professional services firm needed a compensation consultant to redesign a compensation plan for several hundred employees.

The expert designed and implemented a new performance-based incentive plan, a new bonus plan, and conducted a labor market compensation review for all employees.
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Matthew P.
Matthew, a former total rewards consultant at Mercer and CHRO, has 25+ years of experience in compensation planning at the strategic and operational levels.
Instructional Design Firm for L&D Program
3 Month Engagement

The talent development team of a large retailer sought a boutique consulting firm to provide instructional design capabilities to reimagine existing content into self-guided, mixed modality programming.

The engagement resulted in 25 new modules. The scaled and enhanced L&D curriculums optimized the sales organization and helped them achieve their growth targets.
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Steve G.
The client engaged Steve, CEO of SkillBurst Interactive, whose digital learning company specializes in developing interactive and engaging on-demand learning resources.

Human Resources & Organization Expert Spotlight

Deepa R.

HR Professional with 14+ Yrs. of Experience

Amanda L.

Strategic Growth Consultant Focused on Conscious Companies

Fabio S.

Management & Organization Performance

Jessica P.

Raising Engagement with Purpose-Driven Organizations

Lisa R.

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