Financial Modeling

Understand the potential impacts of various events and strategies on your business through financial modeling.

Equity Raise Financial Model for Sports Equipment Business
1 Week Engagement

A small sports equipment business needed an expert to create a financial model ahead of an equity raise.

The expert provided a 3-year P&L model for 5 product lines with adjustable variables and assumptions.
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Jennifer L.
Jennifer has 10+ years of experience creating financial projection and valuation models at Moody's and Citi.
FP&A Project Leader for Biotechnology Company
3 Month Engagement

A biotechnology company needed an expert to support the VP of Finance through a yearly strategic planning process.

The expert developed a standardized process to estimate COGS for a product portfolio to be used as forecast inputs.
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Anthony L.
Anthony has 25+ years of experience in controller and CFO roles across biotech and pharmaceutical industries.
New Project Financial Model for Retail Incubator
6 Week Engagement

A retail incubator needed an expert to build out a financial model for a new stealth project.

The expert developed a 5-year financial model with revenue projections, cost assumptions, and required investments, and synthesized findings into a summary presentation.
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Brandon P.
Brandon, a consultant at an independent firm, has deep experience in go-to-market strategy, due diligence analysis, and growth strategy.
Financial Modeling for Incubator VR Company
3 Week Engagement

An incubating VR company needed a consultant to build a three-year revenue model of their business.

The expert designed a dynamic financial model, identifying key levers and assumptions, and leading research on key benchmarks.
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Financial Modeling Expert Spotlight

Andy L.

Experienced finance professional

Mark S.

Research and Strategy Expert, Wharton MBA

Stefan A.

Stanford MBA Graduate with IB, PE and HF experience

Grace H.

Data and Advanced Analytics Consultant

Jessica H.

Previous investment banker & PE associate who loves Excel

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