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Recent Success Stories

Office of the CFO Support

2 Proposals in 5 Days
An industrials company was looking for on-the-ground FP&A support to partner with the CFO to tackle cash flow planning, inventory management, and KPI reporting.

The client engaged an expert who specialized in delivering data-driven tracking solutions for executive teams.

In just 2 months, the expert stood up rigorous capabilities to uncover insights from financial data, enabling data-driven decision making within the C-Suite.

FP&A Data Visualization

6 Month Engagement
A F500 global FP&A team needed to build a master dashboard for P&L data and reporting, consolidating data across 25+ global brands and every regional finance team.

The client engaged an expert with robust Tableau and FP&A expertise and experience working with P&L systems to lead this effort.

The expert led the large scale intiative and meaningfully improved reporting functionality across the company.

Pricing Analysis & Data Optimization for F500

5/5 Star Rating
A global F500 quick serve restaurant needed to ensure consistent and accurate tracking of historical and current promotional data on the national, regional and local level.

The client engaged a pricing expert with robust analytical experience to develop queries and match a significant amount of data across diverse data sets.

The expert enabled a seamless transition in their approach to promotional data across the organization.

Finance & Accounting Expert Spotlight

Monica S.

Executive w/ 20 Yrs in Accounting & Finance | CPA

Bob L.

Emerging Business CFO and FP&A Expert

Rosemary L.

Finance | Analytics | FP&A | MBA w/20 Yrs Experience

David L.

Experienced Finance & Consulting Professional | Stern MBA

Andy L.

Experienced Finance Professional | Fmr. KKR | Cornell

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