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SaaS Data Visualization
Engagement Launched in 2 Days

A software company with a large customer database needed executive level visibility into a sizable data set via a web-based series of charts and data cuts.

Elias built the company's executive team a dashboard with drill-downs and visualizations in two weeks.
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Elias W.
Elias, a former Monitor Group consultant, runs a data science and visualization team building dashboards and infrastructure for F500 companies and investment firms.
Production & Demand Forecasting for Manufacturer
Engagement Launched in 4 Days

The CFO at a PE-owned manufacturing company needed someone with sales & operations planning experience to help in analyzing production and demand forecasts.

David delivered profitability, cost & inventory analyses, and visualized demand forecasts to the CFO.
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David B.
David, a former CFO and director of logistics and operations planning, has 10+ years of experience in business analytics, financial analysis, and modeling for demand management.
Assortment Optimization Initiative for Large CPG
3 Month Engagement

As part of a broader assortment optimization initiative, a global CPG company needed a small team to run category optimization and assortments across eight key categories for roughly 100 accounts.

Using the analysis, the company was able to more widely distribute the best performing SKUs and standardize the process across all other categories.
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Patrick M.
Patrick, an analytics consultant with 10+ years' experience working with consumer and retail clients, specializes in marketing ROI measurement, customer analytics, and pricing optimization.

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Nick N.

Accelerating Insights with Data

Neel G.

Customized Solutions to Maximize, Protect, and Manage Data

Konrad K.

Jumpstart Your Analytics

Chad R.

Data Analytics Specialist

Charles P.

15-Year Data Veteran

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